Making Your High End Cards SPARKLE Online – Animated Gif Tutorial

In my last article, I had a bunch of people asking "How did you do that?" If you are one of those people, then this is for you. Why do this? Sharing our collection with others on the web has become as big a part of collecting as the actual collecting. The last thing we want is to show off our favorite cards, and have them look lackluster. Scanning, pictures, etc. can all yield different results. I always spend a good amount of time figuring out how to get the perfect light (ESPECIALLY when it comes to refractive cards). Take

ESPN Tweeted My Link!

So 2 nights ago, Darren Rovell of ESPN tweeted out my website... So, this is what happened with the traffic: Cool stuff! Also, as a thank you to Darren for tweeting out my link, I created a digital edition card for him commemorating his 89 Fleer Rick Face story. (Black box version used for obvious reasons!) Oh, and finally, to commemorate Rogue One Day, a family pic w/ticket relic:

Digital Download Cards Sell for HUNDREDS of Dollars

"Excuse me sir, what are you doing?" I was caught red-handed. A well dressed young man of about 20 years was looking over my shoulder as I was admiring my collection of baseball cards from my website on my phone while waiting for my cinnamon crunch bagel at Panera.  Yeah, I'm REAL cool.  All kinds of people at the restaurant on their phones doing millennial things - texting, facebooking, tweeting.  And me?  I'm looking at pictures of my baseball cards.  Slowing going through my favorite patch cards, then swiping feverishly through a large rainbow to get a fun effect of

2016 Topps Archives Signature Series: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

On the forums, I've spoken ad nauseum (satire & otherwise) about the problems I have had with Topps coming out with their 2016 rendition of Archives Signature Series Buybacks.  I have gone back and forth, and decided to do a "blog only exclusive" article here to share my final thoughts. THE GOOD You can get copies of buybacks that weren't previously available in 2015 New for 2016 are buyback jersey/relic cards (sweet!) THE BAD There is (again) NO checklist They were released a mere 9 months or so after the last release They look VERY similar to the 2015's.  Very

Radicards Interviewed Me … Video Inside!

38 minutes of baseball card talk goodness awaits you with the click of the youtube video below!  If you are interested in learning more about Radicards, check them out at

Describe the PERFECT Card

Every now and then I'm asked "What is your favorite card?"  I am split in my mind 6 ways.  Is it my knob auto? Dynasty logo patch? Red Crusade? My custom that Jose personalized to me?  89 Topps gold border?  Wood Museum auto?  I've narrowed down my absolute favorite to a little under items in my collection seen here. This got me to thinking.  What would be the absolute perfect card?  I guess for me, I don't really know.  I have some ideas though. Back story - A card with a fabulous back story is hard to beat.  I love

And the winner is …

It was a hard, close back and forth battle between the Mick & the Pick. Both got some good shots in, and in my opinion, this could have easily gone either way, depending upon which forum this was placed on. FCB is truly a different beast when compared to other forums, which is why I love it here and frequent it so much. Armed with the knowledge of what people like over others, I myself would have probably entered completely different customs myself. It is truly great seeing such amazing talent on display by other custom card creators! As they

Public Service Announcement about Top Loaders

Please view the video below for very important information that everyone needs to hear.

Catch me on Beckett Radio this Thursday @ 4PM CST

Beckett Radio interviewed me, and you can catch it at 4PM CST this Thursday at - A special thanks to Eric Norton (@ericnorton316 on Twitter) for reaching out! UPDATE:  They posted it early.  Here is the direct link! - it starts at around the 10 minute mark.

Jose Canseco Enshrined into the Hall of Very Good

Not too long ago, I was notified by The Hall of Very Good to write an article retelling my experience with Jose Canseco when he invited my family and I to his home last year.  The reason?  He has been inducted into the 2016 Hall of Very Good! To read my article on their website, you can go here.